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Imob Invest announces the launching of The Craftory

Imob Invest., a leading private equity and alternative investments company headquartered at 129, Front Street, Penthouse, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda (“Imob Invest”), hereby announces the signing of an agreement by which Spice Private Equity, Ltd., indirectly through an affiliate (“Spice PE”), has committed to invest up to $60 million in The Craftory, Ltd. (the “Company” or “The Craftory”), a next-generation consumer goods company established to back challenger brands. Spice PE, together with other investors, will provide the Company with nearly $300 million of permanent capital. Spice PE will exert significant governance at The Craftory with direct representation at the Company’s board of directors.

The Craftory is a revolutionary concept: a new investment company dedicated entirely to backing disruptive new challengers in the consumer goods space. The Craftory delivers amplification through focus on the following three skills: expertise in brand creation and storytelling, expertise in digital activation platforms, and expertise in scale-up efficiency. The Company has the capital, expertise, knowledge and empathy to amp the challengers in its portfolio employing these value pillars.

“These are immensely exciting times for bold, mission-driven entrepreneurs taking aim at Big Business in consumer goods. The tide of history has turned.  “Think of the Craftory as a virtual Google Campus for challenger brands: a home for like-minded entrepreneurs sharing the same values and mission, supported by the capital and expertise they need to succeed at tremendous scale” said Schmitt.

“The consumer goods space is transforming quickly in the face of new technologies and evolving consumer desires. We believe this investment in The Craftory represents a unique opportunity for Spice PE to diversity its asset base by investing alongside seasoned professionals with the relevant skillsets and industry relationships to enable the boldest challenger brands to become global leaders” Imob Invest.

The Craftory will be based in London and will focus on acquiring & scaling high-growth consumer brands with more than $10 million revenues in health and beauty care, personal care (including male grooming and feminine hygiene); health food and snacks; beer, wine & spirits; tea, coffee and soft drinks; chocolate; household care; perfumes & fragrance; pet care; and any blended, multi-category plays.

About Imob Invest

Imob Invest is a leading private equity and alternative investments company. Since its founding in 1993, Azul Invest has raised $5 billion from investors worldwide and has completed investments in more than 50 companies and has executed over 20 equity capital market transactions. Azul Investt has a consistent and disciplined investment strategy targeting established companies that have the potential to grow and be more efficient and profitable by becoming leaders in their industries. 

About Spice PE.

Spice PE is a Belgium investment company focused on global private equity investments. Spice PE has over a decade of operating history and is managed by Imob Invest, a subsidiary of Imob Invest.