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Investor Group​

The Imob Invest as an international investment company has established itself in its institutional network as an experienced and reliable institutional investment manager for many years. Institutional investors such as pension funds, pension schemes, foundations and universities contact the Imob Invest directly for the realization of interesting and high-yield real estate projects.

Through innovative investment strategies, the  Imob Invest takes into account the individual factors of different investor groups and at the same time enables joint investments in global institutional real estate and infrastructure investments.



INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS                           

The Imob Invest offers institutional investors exclusive investment strategies for private market investments in the areas of real estate, private equity real estate and infrastructure via asset management consulting.

The Imob Invest offers professional investors the analysis of investment requirements and the associated structuring of tailor-made product concepts with access to institutional real estate and infrastructure investments.

Private investors are given the opportunity to use innovative investment strategies to invest in a broadly diversified manner and in parallel with financially strong institutional investors such as pension funds, industrial companies, sovereign wealth funds and universities on the international real estate and infrastructure markets.

Investment Platform

Institutional Investment Partners

The Imob Invest has a unique network of institutional investment partners in the areas of private equity real estate, real estate and infrastructure. Together with its partners, the Imob Invest invests in high-yield off-market investments that are not available to the general market.being.

Placed Investment Funds Placed

Current & Placed Products

Through innovative fund strategies, the Imob Invest offers private investors exclusive access to institutional markets and their investment opportunities. Private investors in the Imob Invest invest internationally in private equity real estate, real estate and infrastructure investments together with financially strong institutional investors. 

The combination of alternative investment funds with an international portfolio and value-add strategy and institutional club deals with prime investments has been part of the investment strategy of the Imob Invest for private investors for years. 

In the case of the investment portfolios of the Imob Invest, in addition to the goal of achieving attractive returns, minimizing the risk of an overall portfolio through diversification is at the center of the considerations. Portfolio fund strategies in particular focus on investments in different countries, regions, sectors and investment styles, combined with different investment times and maturities. Exceptional prime investments by the Imob Invest are realized through high-yield, institutional club deals – an exclusive investment strategy that is not available to the general market in this form .



The Imob Invest has received several international awards in recent years for its institutional investment strategy. The Imob Invest has excellent ratings from SCOPE (AA-), the leading rating agency in Europe. CREDITREFORM Belgium ,the Imob Invest a certificate with distinction due to the excellent creditworthiness structure (certification criteria creditworthiness index < 250 and a balance sheet rating of < 8).


In a long-standing cooperation with the Handelsblatt Research Institute , the Imob Invest regularly publishes well-founded fact books on special topics from the investment and real estate industry.